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Below we have detailed the guidelines for submitting files. Please review the information carefully and visit our Contact page if you have any questions.

File Guidelines

  • All Fonts must be embedded or included with the file

  • All bleed must be included in the final document

  • All photographs must be 300 dpi resolution for the best quality

  • All photographs must be embedded or included with the file

  • All photographs must be converted to CMYK

  • All graphics must be converted to CMYK or PMS colors

  • All graphics must be embedded or included with the file

When supplying PDF Files, Please follow all the Guidelines above BEFORE exporting to a PDF File. PDF Files include all files and fonts if these options are chosen in the Export or Create PDF File Dialog box. Some programs require changing the "Settings" in a separate option on the File menu. Most programs will allow these settings to be changed as the file is being saved or exported. Check the owners manual for your software for these directions.

Each Program has a different user interface when creating PDF Files. Please look carefully at all of the available options in each dialog box in the export/save process.

  • Choose CMYK, Highest Resolution or Pre-Press Quality and Embed all Fonts and Images.

  • Turn off any Down-sampling of Images. Make sure to include bleed and crop-marks.

Files may be uploaded directly to our Website by clicking the icon in the top right corner of any page.

  1. Place all Files including support files and fonts in a folder.

  2. Then, compress the folder using WinZip. This will allow you to include everything needed for your job and upload only 1 file.

  3. Fill out all information that is pertinent to your job on the File Upload Page, then at the bottom, Browse, until you find your folder with your files in it. Click the file, then choose Submit at the bottom of the screen.

  4. Do not exit this browser window until the process has completed. Closing the page will disconnect your computer from our server, and the upload will not complete.

  5. When your upload is complete, a screen will appear confirming the completion of your upload. If you entered an e-mail address, an e-mail will be sent to you indicating that the file was uploaded.

Design Guidelines

If your job is to be printed with Spot Colors, please create the art using Pantone Matching System (PMS) Colors. If your printed item is to be Full Color, please use CMYK colors, as opposed to RGB. Most programs default to RGB values and must be set to use CMYK colors. Please refer to your users manual on selecting a color profile.

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